Monday, July 16, 2007

UD iz bornz

Is it any wonder? That the moment of birth of my blogspot coincides with GK's hairdo in QLap, accompanied by Kayoy? No, dont wonder...its just a coincidence. I spent a healthy 2 hour or so with Redz and GMan over lunch. Uncharacteristically we had ambuyat, and we had some debates and probable scenarios of how our forefathers DISCOVERED ambuyat as a source of carbo. The most unlikely of which is the influence of Aliens. That one day a primitive native of Bandar by the name of Aminah stumbled upon an Alien refuelling stop near Kota Batu, and seeing that Aminah ate dirt, the Aliens took pity and zapped her with knowledge and skills to extract starch out of palm trees.

Isnt it convenient though, how easy it is for us to blame hard to explain stuff on Aliens. I mean, imagine how the aliens feel if everything is blamed on them. So on behalf of Humanity, dear Aliens, I do apologise for our slight.

Come to think of it, I do itch for a spot of netball later. My friend Kayuy diligently informed me me of a game in Welfare. To serve 2 objectives: to play the sport, and to meet Wan, whom I havent seen for quite a while. Not forgetting each time I play I lose more than a kg of flabs...not bad eh.

To a friend in Lambak, sorry, I'm cancelling the Shahbandar trailrun then. And also there goes my the pseudo-confirmed Bandar walkabout.

To life, the universe, and everything else, my advice is, dont eat at Pak Munawi's stall...else you become an ugly zombie!